Fabric snobbery and little sparrows

Ok I will admit it. I am a fabric snob, an absolute and utter nose-wrinkling snob. I didn’t start out this way, but over the last couple of years as I learnt more about fabrics and began to develop a better appreciation of textiles and quality, I began to see my fabrics in a different way. I have a few favourite shops that I visit regularly, one more than others.

But geographically, my closest fabric shop is Spotlight. Although I rarely purchase fabric there, I do take advantage of their specials for calico, threads, and needles. I was there today on a forage for a specific zipper and thread. I had two small helpers with me and as they ran (yes ran) through the shop oohing and aahing over the most ghastly pink, floral, and sparkly fabrics they could find, a simple, drapey poly caught my eye. I generally dislike polyester because it doesn’t breath and in fabric blends, it pills like crazy. But I quite liked the cute little sparrow print and it matched the shoes I was wearing ;-).


You may remember my fabric splurge dress from a little white back. I absolutely love it, but I just haven’t had the occasion to wear it yet (the drawbacks of having small children!). But part of the reason is probably also because I know how special that fabric is and I feel it deserves a special outing, at least on the first wear. I’m thinking about making a sleeveless, and slightly shorter version of this dress to wear on a more daily basis. Call it my school-run dress if you please! Otherwise, I might be able to see myself in a little sparrow shell top,  but no sleeves, of course!

One thought on “Fabric snobbery and little sparrows

  1. From one fabric snob to another, this little sparrow print poly is just darling!! I usually avoid polyester like the plague as well, but more and more recently I’m finding myself getting a bit lenient. It is really very practical for the day to day sort of things, and some of the newer ‘technologies’ are really quite breathable! I love the idea of this sweet little sparrow print made up in your fabric splurge pattern!

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