Drop waist version three

I know I said that I was finished with this style of dress, but here is yet another one. I could make excuses, but quite frankly, I just love this style right now. It has shamelessly become my summer uniform. Anyone who sees me on a regular basis will know that I am simply alternating between my two current drop waist dresses (here and here) each day, so I feel it is only fair to them that I add another to the mix.

Now the main reason for the lack of variety in my wardrobe is that I have already sent most of my clothes to Kansas ahead of me. I wasn’t planning on making any more summer frocks before I go, but this was an act of sheer necessity.

I used a lovely remnant of black linen from Tessuti Fabrics. The construction was simple, a basic bodice with two long French darts and a simple ruffle skirt, exactly the same as my last two efforts. So now, I have tested this dress in a cotton knit, a heavier weight woven, and now linen. I love them all! And I’d say to all my friends, let me go with this drop waist obsession this season, but if I still have this style of dress on rotation in six years time, please someone, sit me down for a serious chat…


10 thoughts on “Drop waist version three

  1. Just remember you have another season of Spring/Summer coming up in Kansas! You can do drop waist for a lot longer. Seriously, you are talking to a drop waist addict as well. We might have to start up a support group.

  2. Oh boy, resistance is futile isn’t it. I have just subconsciously ordered a length of wool ponte to make a winter drop waist version… Yes, I think a support group could definitely be warranted!

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