Just a little update

So this is my new sewing corner. The discerning viewer will notice a few small details…the delicious double table, the glass of wine, the counter height of the tables, and of course my current lack of an overlocker…

Now I don’t think the wine needs explaining!  But I do wonder if anyone else sews off counter height tables. I suspect jet lag influenced my decision and initially I was terrified that I’d made a big mistake with this purchase, succumbing to a Martha Stewart influenced sales pitch at a moment of weakness. But I actually think I am beginning to like sewing at this height. It might help that I have long legs…but I think the height is helping my posture when sewing, and of course, the table is at a great level for standing, tracing and pinning. 

My lack of overlocker is another story. After reading your suggestions and doing my research,  I have fallen in love with the Juki M1000, which I think has some similar features to the Babylock, including the self threading. But given it’s $1200 price tag, I decided to save hubby the heart attack (until my birthday at least ;-)) and make do with a budget Brother from Walmart.  Bad decision!  The machine worked but it was such a piece of rubbish that even hubby told me to take it back…with the suggestion that I absolutely needed to get my Juki!  Of course,  it helped immensely that we’d just signed on the house we desperately needed to sell in Sydney. 

Anyway,  I’m looking forward to little shopping next week. I do love French seams,  but I miss my overlocker terribly. 

8 thoughts on “Just a little update

  1. as one who is constantly bending over for fabric cutting and suffering from a backache every time i cut a new project… the higher table is perfect! yay for the new sewing space, enjoy!

  2. So good to see that you’ve settled in and have already set up your sewing room. You’re incredible!
    Glad that we still get to see you here

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