A mini Jaywalker

After making my own Jaywalk pieces (more on that to come), I had enough of these lovely stripes left to make a little dress for Miss Six. I used the Go To Signature dress pattern for a second time, with the same neckline adjustment as before. I also shaped the hem on this one to be higher at the front and lower at the back. I’d intended on adding an elastic waist to this version, but after the first fitting, Miss Six was quite certain that she loved it exactly as it was with absolutely NO further changes. Let it not be said that I would argue with the Queen.

This fabric makes for a beautiful kiddie dress. It is soft and comfortable and holds it’s shape beautifully. It’s going to be a great addition to her daily wardrobe. Unlike in Australia, public school kids don’t wear uniforms in America, so Coco is enjoying the fact that she is now in line to receive equal clothing makes as her sisters.

Just look at that lovely side seam, all lined up for me. I’ve discovered that if I take the extra time to baste seams with stripes together first, I get a better result in matching those lines.

7 thoughts on “A mini Jaywalker

  1. This is gorgeous. Great tip on matching the seams. I am holding my breath to see what you came up with for the jaywalk comp!!

    1. Haha, nothing too exciting, but already getting some good wear. This fabric is so comfy! By the way, thanks for your other comment on my lace kanerva. I saw 1.6m of the little circle lace for sale as a remnant on the Tessuti website just yesterday.

  2. I have to agree with Miss Six on this one – I like it without an elastic waist. It’s lovely – great job.


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