Jaywalk version 2

So this is actually my second entry in the Jaywalk series. My skirt is yet to come. But like the skirt, this dress is my own design. I used my knit, skirt block for the bottom part and sketched a bodice to match my measurements before joining them up. I then used some scrap jersey to whip up a quick muslin to check and finesse the fit.

The end product is a fitted, dare I say it…..drop waist dress. I’m pretty happy with it. The fit is spot on, the fabric is divinely comfortable, and that flared skirt just makes me smile. It isn’t quite as smokin’ hot as the skirt (yet to come), but Miss Six and I still manage to attract a little attention when we head out in our matching Jaywalkers.


When making the dress, I was at crossroads with regards to finishing the neck and armscye. I was very nearly going to bind those edges with a black stripe, in the same manner that I finished Miss Six’s mini Jaywalker, but then I felt that it gave the dress a ‘too sporty’ feel for the glamorous flare of the skirt. In the end, I bound them with self fabric, before flipping it under, to cover the 1cm seam allowance (which I left in place to give a bit of shape and stability), and then I trimmed very closely to the seam.


16 thoughts on “Jaywalk version 2

  1. Very cool design! Looks great. When Tessuti announced this fabric for the competition I wasn’t sure about it, but your dress has won me over.

    1. Thank you! I very rarely ever buy stripes of my own accord but when I get my hands on them I always love them! The fabric itself is lovely, ridiculously so for $10/m!

  2. That is a fantastic dress, it looks perfect on you.

    I haven’t been such a fan of the drop waist (I just don’t think it would suit me at all), but this fitted version is making me re-think my opinion 🙂

  3. A head turning dress, and for all the right reasons! I absolutely love the way you’ve utilised the stripes of the fabric to get the effect at the skirt back. You were born to wear drop waist, I think!

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