Winter white drop waist dress: AKA Chanel knock off


This dress falls squarely into the ‘what was I thinking’ category. It is pure white, dry-clean only, Ralph Lauren wool suiting, made up in a dress for a mother of three. Go on, tell me that isn’t just a little bit crazy. However, in my defence, the fabric was already in my stash, and nothing was ever going to make it more wearable, no matter how long I left it there. I’m going to chalk this purchase up to jet lag.


Obviously, it’s another drop waist dress. The pattern is my own. You’ve seen it before on more occasions than you’d care to remember. This time, I switched the zipper to the back, added sleeves and some little front pockets. I drafted a new set of facings and lined the bodice with silk jersey.

Yep,  those are darts you see facing inside out. I’m not quite sure how I managed that one. Thankfully I got the back lining right.
My inspiration for this dress came from a picture I found on Pinterest. The link took me to an Asian website, so using my great powers of deduction, I’m going to have a stab at guessing that this is either a Chanel dress or one that is inspired by the great fashion house. It was the only picture of this dress I could find online. Aside from the gathers in the sleeve caps, I fell in love with everything about it.
It was one of those rare occasions that I had the pattern (drop waist, hello!), I had the perfect fabric, and I had a pretty keen desire to put some impractical stash to good use. I would rarely copy my source of inspiration outright (she says as she gathers fabric for her Dior coat knock off), but guys, this is Chanel!
Should I open up a can of worms here and ask what you guys think about copying designers? My personal feelings are that if you are giving credit where credit is due and not mass producing the items for sale, then it’s no big deal. I’ll always reference my point of inspiration, and since there was no chance of me ever purchasing the item in the first place, I’m hardly affecting anyone’s bottom line. I do still feel like a bit of a cheat though.



16 thoughts on “Winter white drop waist dress: AKA Chanel knock off

  1. As with your previous drop waist dresses I love this! Winter white is definitely having a moment – and I guess being completely impractical is part of the appeal.

  2. I love this on you! Maybe you can convince your boy to take you on a date πŸ™‚ Something in a kid-free zone.

    I have the same feelings as you regarding knocking off. I think with the big designers, knock-offs are so common it’s not even shocking to admit one’s doing it. You’re not selling the pattern or the product as your own – you’re making a dress to your own specifications based on a high-end design.

    1. Thanks Gail…I’m as much a danger to myself as my kids though. I was called ‘the foal’ when I was younger…and better on water than on land. I’ll be lucky to get through a meal in this dress. Maybe a date night to a kid-free, food free zone. I’ll stick to white wine and vodka πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you! And I LOVE that quote. I’m constantly having internal battles over wearing something new or ‘too special’. I mostly win those now, because I fully believe in that quote…life is too short to keep clothes as being ‘too special’, tucked away in the back of the closet, never to be worn. The first wear is always the hardest!

    1. You nailed it….’for our own pleasure’. That is exactly what this dress was, and why not! Sometimes I think I get caught up in the need to make only things that are useful and that will be worn lots (no matter how fun they may be) and forget that I can allow myself to simply sew frivolously on occasion too.

  3. It’s gorgeous! So chic! Chanel knockoffs often tend to look dowdy, but not yours, no way! And yes, it’s your blog, your sewing machine and I love that you never rein yourself in!

  4. Please please wear this. It is stunning and who cares that it is a slightly impractical colour. The whole designer thing is so vexed but I have no problem with you making this, partly because you are honest about your inspiration but mainly because it’s just for you.

  5. So chic and stylish! I agree with Gail’s comment re: designer knock-offs. Isn’t that part of the reason we sew anyway, so we can have things that otherwise we could never afford?

  6. Who cares if this is practical? It’s gorgeous! And didn’t chanel or someone say without copying there wouldn’t be fashion (or something like that!?) I think it’s stunning.

  7. Epic. Frock.
    This bad boy needs to be taken out for a spin STAT!
    And as long as you are making for yourself and reference your inspiration I think you’re doing it right πŸ˜€

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