Japanese pattern bubble dress in Nani Iro

So this little dress was actually intended as a birthday dress for Miss nearly-Five. Miss Six-and-a half is wearing it in the photos. The fabric is a Nani Iro border print in double gauze cotton, which is beautifully soft and pretty. It is also fully lined in a combination of silk habutai and silk jersey (scraps from my previous projects). The combination of fabrics make this the most deliciously cool and swishy Summer frock. Try to ignore the sewing threads and cuttings on the floor behind the pretty cherub.

I used a pattern from one of my Japanese pattern books. I adore my Japanese pattern books but I do find it tricky to get the sizing right at times. Sizing is by height of the child, as far as I can understand.This works reasonably well most of the time, but sometimes I miss the target in trying to negotiate for my very tall girls. I got it wrong this time. I knew the dress would be big, but not quite so swimmingly big that it is.  


On Miss Six, the dress is roomy, but it still fits reasonably well. Thankfully, the middle sister hasn’t seen the dress yet, so I can still replace it with a better fitting one. In the meantime, Miss Six LOVES her new little bubble dress, especially the little side pockets for her treasures. I love the pretty little faux pearl buttons that fasten up the back. And we both agreed that we would wrap up the dress, place it under the Christmas tree and ‘forget’ about it until the big day.