The knitting miss of the year…or was it!

I’m not going to sugar coat this make. I’m clearly not a knitter. This was my last knitting attempt, started in March, but only just finished. That’s right, she who can whip together entire outfits from scratch in a week, took almost a year to finish this slowly festering dress. And I cheated. I gave up towards the end and just casted off at the length that it just so happened to be. I had to look up how to cast off, and I think I may have actually reduced the stitch numbers in the row before I successfully casted off.

Despite it’s hole ridden, amateur appearance, Miss Three is completely and utterly smitten with this tunic. She has been wearing it every day, over everything that she owns. I’m glad now that I purchased a quality pure wool yarn to make it, because it’s lovely and soft and her little tummy is warm.  

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