The yellow drop waist refashioned

You’ve seen a slightly different version of this dress before. I wasn’t happy with it and although I meant to walk away, I simply couldn’t stay away for long. There was too much about the original version that I did like. It had potential. Unrealised potential.

 So what did I do to improve on the original? I cut away the skirt, raised the bodice a little, changed the front bodice shape, and redrafted the skirt completely. I think I’ve come away with a much better dress. And have I said before how much I like yellow right now? Could it be that some of those yellow pineapples I keep seeing in blogland are finally rubbing off on me?


15 thoughts on “The yellow drop waist refashioned

  1. Wow, this looks like a completely different dress! I absolutely love how it came out. The black stripe is perfection! I’m always so drawn to your aesthetic and color choices and always really enjoy seeing what you’ll cook up next. I hope you get a ton of wear out of this gorgeous dress!

  2. Yes! Excellent reworking. The black stripe really kicks it up a notch, still a sundress, but more funky. And the new skirt shape is great.

  3. Debbie! Bravo! This is what happens when a totally fab idea is given a little breathing space. You’ve nailed it! I looked back at the original again and I think the single colour was bothering me too, but I didn’t know til you colour blocked version 2. This length is, IMHO, better for your build with a flowy, billowy style. You’ve nailed the bodice shape (even if it doesn’t have the same scooped hem, I think I like it better with the straight bottom). The whole dress just has a better balance and you can see that by the way it moves. Yay!!!!! More summer sunshine dresses 🙂

  4. WOW! This looks fabulous. You’ve reworked the original dress beautifully. I think the shape and length are spot on. The colour-blocking is very striking. A big win!

  5. Love the re-worked dress, the skirt in particular just looks right! The yellow is stunning and the little bit of black just sets it of nicely.

  6. Fabulous! My first impression was bumblebee (in a good way!), but pineapple works too. The yellow is stunning; now I’ve gotta run out and get me some yellow….

    1. Haha, thank you Carolyn! My first thoughts were bumblebee too but I’ve been trying my hardest not to run with that one. 😉 Well, I probably should, apparently the name “Debbie” mean “bee” anyway! By the way, I LOVE you Carolyn PJ’s. I just saw them a few seconds ago. Completely inspired.

  7. Gorgeous dress – love it. I also liked the original. I’m wondering if to help with the swing shape, you could divide the the back bodice piece in half and add back shaping at CB. That would just give a hint to your figure underneath. Artists have long admired the curve of a woman’s back shape – men don’t have it.

    1. Thanks Lesley! That’s a really good idea. I know I put a CB seam in a recent longer dress (a little like this) because I found the back too shapeless initially. It didn’t even occur to me this time. Glad to have other eyes to pick up these things for me 😉

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