A whole lot of squiggles in a playsuit

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might be under the impression that I’m a little bit besotted by wide leg pants. You’ve probably seen the pink pair of fancy pants that I made a few months ago. Well the obsession is far from over. 


This time, I’ve managed to create something that incorporates two of my favourite things: playsuits and wide leg pants, oh and we could also count squiggles. Mr Squiggle is, after all, one of my all time favourite shows.


The fabric I used is a gloriously sturdy cotton with a tiny bit of stretch. I’m so in love with those squiggles. I think they are perfectly suited to a playsuit and if they hadn’t sold out in a fraction of a second, I’m pretty sure I’d be heading back for seconds.

The pattern is self-drafted and I’m very happy with the way it fits. The pants rock, but the bodice still needs a little work. I’m also pretty miffed with myself for not thinking of stay-stitching/applying fusible tape to the neckline and back of the pants. Sometimes I get a bit overexcited when I’m working on a new pattern and my brain stops working for a bit. Thankfully, those parts didn’t stretch out too badly during construction. They just aren’t perfect.

41 thoughts on “A whole lot of squiggles in a playsuit

  1. You did an amazing job on the fit, the back opening is perfect as is the rest. Great job, you look great in your new garment.

    1. Trust me, I thought about this a lot, but in the end I couldn’t think of something better. There is an invisible zipper in the pants back, and the exposed, separating zipper in the back bodice. It could be that I have flexible shoulders, but I find it relatively easy to do up.

  2. Gosh this is SO fantastic and looks perfect on you. Sounds like it was a fantastic learning process too. I can’t wait to see how this playsuit concept evolves as all your ideas so brilliantly do!

  3. That fabric pairing with your self-drafted jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! Unfortunately that means I don’t have a pattern to buy to make one for myself. {Insert grump face}. You look amazing.

  4. So much love. Just, so much love. I am trying to figure out what I’d do if I was busting for the loo, but seriously I’d make it work to wear this. Release the pattern now. Now! x

  5. Currently in my sewing world I am in a sewing drought – so thank God you are still cranking out amazing pieces. You couldn’t buy something so great!

  6. So amazing. I love seeing your inspiration pics on IG. The combo of the print, the wide legs and fitted waist – and I adore an exposed zipper – perfect!

  7. Gorgeous, and so chic. I just have always had a problem with the idea of a zipper up the back of a “jumpsuit”. No public activities in this number.

    The fabric is beautiful.

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