Long sleeves in linen

I started sewing clothes for myself in 2012. Before that, my sewing was all about kiddie stuff and quilting cotton. It was also the year I discovered that I could sew with ponte knits and linen. I quite simply overdosed that year. Lucky for you guys, this was also before I started blogging.

I’ve always loved linen, but it’s one of those fabrics that I rarely, if ever, saw in the RTW shops I frequented back then. So it was mindblowing to me that I could suddenly make everything in linen. So did I? Yes. I. Did.

I’ve since had a few years without a lot of linen in my wardrobe. There’s been the odd thing, but nothing like it was in 2012. However, I feel the season changing. I am so in love with it right now. It’s like my long lost friend has returned.

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The thing about linen though, is that it is one of the fabrics I am most pickiest about in terms of quality. I loath buying it online. I’ve been disappointed a few times when I’ve opted for the cheaper option. I recently purchased a length of European white linen from Fabric dot com. In the description it was recommended for making dresses, pants, anything. Let’s just say, I’m ditching the idea of using it for a Summer top and might simply hem it for use as a pretty table cloth instead. I think I’m a linen snob.

The linen I used for this top came all the way from Tessuti Fabrics in Sydney, one of the few places I trust implicitly in buying linen from without ordering a swatch first (online shopping is sadly my only way to purchase quality fabric in the Midwest). This linen is truly delicious. I could iron it better, but I really, really love linen crinkles.

front close

back close

This top is the long sleeve variation of a pattern I’m working on right now. I paired it with my long leather shorts.

If everything goes to plan, I might be ready for testers in a few weeks. It takes time because I want to make sure that even my testers get a good experience.  If you are interested in testing this or anything else in the future, please head over to my Facebook page, Lily Sage & Co. To avoid driving non-tester inclined blog readers batty,  I will only be putting the tester call out there from now on.

14 thoughts on “Long sleeves in linen

    1. Sorry Cynthia, my mistake, I miswrote the website (forgot to put the .au on the end ;-)). The link is fixed now, to direct you to the correct Tessuti.

    1. Thank you Rhonda. The deep curve makes hemming neatly a little trickier though. I’m undecided whether I get a better result with bias binding or a narrow hem.

  1. So funny, it’s the very wrinkliness of linen that drives me MAD! I love a crisp smooth fabric that can be ironed into submission… even though I hate ironing. It’s why I love good old poplin, it naturally doesn’t crease too badly. But your top is lovely. I’m hardly ever on Facebook these days between blogs and IG, so I better start keeping my eyes peeled for tester alerts!

    1. Thank you. And I know, I think people are very polar about linen. It’s definitely the wrinkles. I wrote this post a week ago, and yesterday I read Lladybird’s post on how much she hates linen too – except for in PJs. x

  2. Lovely! I also adore linen, but it IS so hard to find the good stuff. However, in my mind, there is no better spring/summer fabric than linen.

  3. I am most definitely a linen lover. Have you ever bought from fabrics-store.com? It’s all linen. I’ve bought tons from there. The regular mid weight linen is decent. I’ve had some that can be kind of slubby but it wears really well. I actually just bought two lengths of their “luxury” linen and it seems to be really fantastic. Really smooth with a tighter weave. Haven’t sewn with it yet but I am enjoying petting it :). Also just bought some linen gauze, too. I am a linen addict!

    1. Thank you so much Liza Jane!!! I actually found Fabrics-store with all their linen just the other day – after my last disappointing white arrived. I still wasn’t sure though – just not having heard of them before. So I’m so glad you told me – I will definitely give them a go now.

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