Grainline Archer // vintage sheet shirt

So, I loved Miss Seven’s vintage sheet shirt so much that I just had to make my own. Here it is.




My Grainline Archer has been modified to accommodate my standard broad back/long arm/height requirements. I also added a classic, tailored sleeve placket, and two fish eye darts in the back.




12 thoughts on “Grainline Archer // vintage sheet shirt

  1. As you know by now, I have fabric envy! Your archer turned out really cute and it fits so nicely. I’ve used that pattern before but have always found it a bit boxy on me, even though I edit the fit for my narrow shoulders. I like your idea of fish eye darts in the back. I’ll have to try that next time…

    1. Thanks Linda – I think the Archer is quite boxy. Thinking about it more, I’ve modified mine quite a lot. I’ve widened the shoulder seams by a good cm and at the same time (which I don’t know if I mentioned), graded the side seams down to my actual measurements. Coupled with the darts, this makes my top significantly more of a triangle than the box that it was drafted as. But it still has the overall shape/feel of an unfitted business style shirt.

    1. Thanks Lori. The darts are only very narrow, but I like the effect. I know from making my husbands shirts that it always used to surprise me how such narrow back darts could make such a big impact on how the shirt looked.

  2. Cool shirt. I love that your photo locations are as restricted as mine. I wish I could take photos in my garage, but the lighting is terrible. If you wanted to spice things up in there you can add a green fabric screen behind you and superimpose your photos on a runway or something 🙂 I’ve been toying with that idea myself, but haven’t got a place to hang a screen or the time to fiddle eiher. Love the fabric too!

    1. Thank you Christy. I’m not quite sure why my garage photos work out ok. The light seems terrible but there are two windows and photoshop helps with the exposure and colour. I do still find that the crisp/detail that you get with outside photos isn’t as good in my garage, but seems to work well enough if I don’t need to make each seam and buttonhole visible. I love the backdrop idea though. I might have to try that, maybe a nice beach when I’m photographing in winter ;-). Ironically, whilst my backyard is currently a mess, I do have an utterly gorgeous and quiet street in the front of my house which I should be using – currently lined with beautiful big oak trees and fall leaves – If I was brave, I’d set up the tripod in the middle and ignore the strange glances of my neighbours…

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