Reversible wool cardi wrap

The great thing about double faced wool is that you can completely hide the seams for a neat finish. After you pull apart both sides of the fabric, you can fold them in on themselves and stitch in place. A concise picture of the process is here. It’s the perfect fabric to create a reversible cardi wrap like this. You can revisit the sewing tutorial here.





5 thoughts on “Reversible wool cardi wrap

  1. Love it! The plaid is a favorite for me. Reversible makes it even better! Thanks for sharing. You don’t need to reply. Three kiddos & doctor husband. My daughter eight years ago. The kids are older but she’s still busy!

  2. I thought of you today – saw a similar cardigan, made in a knit, that wasn’t reversible but was 2-way. It had a normal neckline, then the back midline of the hem had a deep V so you could wear it upside down if you wanted with a v neckline. Very cool and it made me think of you!

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