Black overalls for Fall

I may have jumped the gun a little with this make, but I know I will get a LOT of wear out of these overalls in a few months time when the weather eventually cools. My plan is to wear them with crisp, collared shirts, and my plethora of off-the-shoulder tops. But in the meantime, there might be the odd occasion that I could wear them sans layers.



I didn’t follow a complete pattern for this make. I slightly narrowed the pants from this playsuit, and then just modified this fitted bodice to a new shape. Having already sewn a few playsuits, I had a good idea of the bodice length I needed (which is one of the most important aspects of a playsuit in my opinion. Nobody wants a saggy butt, or to be cut in half!).


The fabric I used is a very thick, crisp, cotton twill by Theory. It has a little bit of stretch like a cotton sateen and the good side has a soft, washed silk appearance and feel to it which makes the black appear more charcoal in colour. It’s a wonderful fabric that will be lovely and warm for Winter, but way too heavy for any other time of the year. I’ve purchased Theory branded fabric from Mood on several occasions now and the quality of this particular brand has always been exceptional.

Part of the reason why I got started on these overalls was because I stumbled across a buckle kit for sale at Hancocks before they closed down. I didn’t use the no-sew buttons though. I had a couple of deep shank metal buttons in my stash that I liked so much better.

At this point, I’ve only basted the hem in place. I just can’t decide how long or short I want the pants! I’m very tempted to crop them a little bit more for Fall, but with a deep hem that I can lengthen again in the future.





13 thoughts on “Black overalls for Fall

  1. I absolutely love these (just like the previous wide legged version). Jumpsuits/playsuits are so comfortable. If I could, I’d wear them all the time. Would you ever consider turning these into a pattern? I’d buy them both in a heartbeat.

    1. Thank you so much Caroline! I don’t think I’ll ever turn these into a pattern. But there’s no reason why you can’t find your own TNT fitted bodice and wide leg pant to mash together. The main thing for me was getting the bodice length and pant waist height right – I ended up raising the pant waist mostly and keeping the bodice length normal so my waistline stayed in an good spot.

  2. I’ve been looking for a great overall pattern that suits my style. Ive been thinking of taking the same route as you (pull a little from different patterns). And as mentioned above, it looks great with or without the layering!

  3. Lovely, and totally not what I thought when I saw the word overalls ! In a good way. They’re very stylish, and I do like the idea of cropping them. Regardless, you can pull off anything!

    1. Haha, not your normal overalls! I love the idea of cropping too, but I better get on with it or summer will be over soon!

    1. Haha! Thank you! Not fall yet, or even close I think! I think I’m craving a good tailoring project and this might be my lead into it ;-).

  4. Debbie, these look so great on you! I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to dungarees/overalls as I remember wearing them when I was younger and since I’m long torsoed they always gave me the worst kind of wedgie if you now what I mean LOL! If I looked this good though, I may be tempted. Nup, I’m still gonna look like an overgrown toddler. How do you make them look so chic? xxxx

    1. Oh my gosh, you would TOTALLY rock overalls! Oh now I sound like my six year old, who squeezes the word “totally” into any sentence she can… The best thing is you can jig the body length however you please. I’ve never been able to wear a RTW playsuit – long torso, long everything, wedgie central. Do it. x

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