18″ dolls clothes (AKA American Girl doll sewing)

It only occurred to me the other day, that I should think about putting all this into a blog post. I don’t normally sew doll’s clothes and I probably won’t be doing it again anytime soon, but I’ve recently sewn a big pile of them.


American Girl dolls are all the rage in our house right now. We currently have two (Target versions), and a third is on it’s way for a Miss nearly-Five’s birthday next month. However, they’re all a bit lacking in the wardrobe department. At the moment, my fabric scraps are being twisted and tied around the poor dolls in a type of rustic fashion design. So it occurred to me that Santa would be on a winning wicket if he delivered a big supply of 18″doll’s clothes at Christmas.

img_1575 img_1495

All these clothes were made using my itty bitty fabric scraps. The scrapbusting was very satisfying, but I had to overcome a very obvious problem with my plan. My girls would very easily recognise the scraps and think that I had made them instead of Santa. I came up with a strategy. A few weeks ago, I received a call from one of Santa’s assistants, asking me to donate some of my fabric scraps. Of course, I didn’t know why. It was a very exciting mystery. My girls took an enormous amount of pleasure in going through my scrap basket and hand-picking scraps to send to Santa, speculating the whole time what he was planning to do with them. We then wrapped up the parcel together, addressed it to Santa, and I ‘posted’ it the next day.

Dolls clothes are very quick and easy to make, but I did have to get over my need to ‘finish’ the seams and raw edges appropriately. That was the toughest bit. The first few outfits I made had all serged seams, and all raw edges were finished and turned under. However, a quick peek at some shop-bought dolls clothes told me that I was being ridiculous. I was spending way to much time on them.

img_1494 img_1499

img_1500 img_1498

img_1651 img_1652

The patterns I used worked really well and fit the dolls perfectly. I still have more to make yet, including some swimsuits. I plan to sew a couple of items between each of the bigger projects I finish over the next few months. I’ll continue to work through the sewing patterns pictured below.

img_1576 img_1493 img_1492

7 thoughts on “18″ dolls clothes (AKA American Girl doll sewing)

  1. So cute and fun to sew! My girls just recently gave up those dolls but I loved sewing for them. So clever to get a call from Santa!

  2. How sweet, a labor of love for your girls. They will love the wardrobes, I am sure. And their cries of ‘look, this is what mommy sewed this with’ will delight you.

  3. Lucky girls! What a fun way to reduce the remnant and scraps stash! I love the little coat, with the contrast collar and pockets. Your fabric choices show your lovely sense of style.

  4. My mum used to knit and sew clothes for my Barbie. She would do doll sized versions of some of Princess Diana’s evening gowns. They were the best Christmas presents ever, I still remember it. Your girls will have the best dressed dolls in town.

  5. Omg how adorable! My sewing mentor aunt used to make some for my Barbie but these fabric choices and combinations are nothing like them. You always excel 🙂

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