Another dye and stitch experiment

I had this piece of budget silk dupioni that I purchased from Spotlight a few years ago to experiment with before I was brave enough to sew with the nice stuff. It was pure white, and not particularly good quality, a bit of a white elephant in my stash really.

But then I found this little dress on Pinterest (source unknown) and I was instantly inspired to bust out my fabric dyeing kit again. You can check out my first efforts here. And of course the tutorial that sent me on this fabric dying frenzy here at Sallieoh.

Unfortunately, my lime green attempt at replicating this was initially a big disappointment. The green was much lighter and fluro than I’d planned, and although I’d managed to improve on the viscosity of my dye when painting, it still hadn’t really turned out as planned.

As soon as I pulled it out of the washing machine, I pretty much wrote it off as a bad experiment. But I hate the idea of wasting fabric no matter the quality so I half heartedly began to turn it into a simple gathered skirt, still hoping to be surprised. I based my waistband on the pattern pieces from my perfectly fitting Chloe pants and drafted a basic gathered skirt and lined it with some gathered cotton voile.

I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. And it’s my neatest waistband yet! Now I wish I’d taken a few minutes to add inseam pockets.

Of course, I also have nothing to wear with it (any ideas for a next project?) so excuse the mismatching top that I had to resort to for the photos.

Pondering a better top to go with my skirt

Testing out the swirl-factor for Miss Three


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