Some more swish for Spring

I woke up the other day and suddenly had no tops to wear! I really have no idea where they all went…well actually I do, most likely they were reassigned to the pyjama drawer or Spring cleaned to the curb. Obviously it was time to do some Spring sewing, to compensate for the Spring clean of course!

I have a lot of modal/silk jersey in my stash and I love making myself t-shirt style tops in it for between seasons. It is so delightful to wear, but unfortunately it does pill over time. I also have a grabby toddler that stretches the necklines out in all my tops. So knowing this, I usually try to make a style of top that looks great new, but is still comfy enough to convert to a pyjama top when it has been destroyed.

This top is based on a simple t-shirt I drafted months ago that just seemed to fit me really well. I have used the same pattern several times now with different modifications. This time I used a little bit of vintage kimono fabric for the yoke. The modal contains 10% silk and is so beautiful that I just leave the sleeve and bottom edges unfinished to roll slightly. It makes for a super quick and satisfying sewing session!

My photographer is quite demanding. According to Miss 5, no shoot is complete without some ballerina twirls.

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