Lace and ruffles

This stash busting exercise was inspired by a fellow blogger. Check out this gorgeous little creation here on True Bias. The minute I saw the lace overlay on that jumper, I just knew I had to go out and get sewing for one of my daughters. 

I had a little bit of white daisy lace in my stash that I purchased from Spotlight eons ago. I’ve used little bits of it over the years, but have always been frustrated at the lay of the pattern. The flowers don’t line up with the grain/stretch so making anything special with it was always out of the question.

I also had a little bit of leftover grey (ever so slightly stretchy) wool. I ALMOST had enough for this project. But unfortunately I didn’t have enough for a bottom band for the jumper. I couldn’t get away without a band since the sweater would have been too short. I actually contemplated going out to purchase some more similar grey fabric, but in the end, I rummaged around in my stash until I found a little length of grey merino suiting that I could turn into bottom ruffles. It was stash busting at it’s finest!

I used the Kwik Sew pattern below. All I did was quilt the lace overlay to the front section and shorten it to the casing line so I could add the bottom band (or ruffle) instead.


The size I chose for my daughter is just a smidgen too large, but I think it is perfect for layering. I will definitely use this pattern again, but with stretchier fabric next time! My wool didn’t have nearly enough stretch so the neckband is a little snug when squeezing a head through.

And here is my beautiful model in her fabulous new jumper! At least someone is happy with the cold and rainy days we have been having.

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