Sew sweetness bag contest

Introducing my Naughty Secretary Bag.


It’s a far cry from this sorry thing I have been carting around for the past few years. I love it, but it has definitely seen better days. It was one of the first things I ever sewed.

But these days I seem to be sharing it a lot. And yes, that’s the expression I get when I ask for it back.
Making a new bag has been on my to-do list for the past six months or more, but the allure of dressmaking, and jacket making, and pants making…I could go on…is just that bit too strong for me to resist. So, I never really got past purchasing my fabric (and I am very good at purchasing fabric!). I just love the French script on my new bag. The story is Le Petit Prince.
And check out this secret message I was able to include on the bottom inner lining panel.
This fabulous bag was made using a Sew Sweetness pattern and it is absolutely perfect for my mummy bag requirements. It is a massive tote that I can happily (and stylishly) carry everywhere, and yet it is completely machine washable. You can find the free pattern and tutorial here. There are so many amazing tutorials and free patterns on the Sew Sweetness site that it took me a while to decide which one to make.
The instructions included with the pattern were simple to follow and I love the idea of interfacing the lining as well as the external fabric. It gives my bag a whole new dimension of sturdiness.
I would highly recommend having a go at one of the Sew Sweetness bags, especially for anyone new to sewing. Making bags is just so incredibly satisfying, without the hassles of improper fit (in clothes patterns) that can easily deter new sewers when starting out. I learnt to sew by making totes using a Vogue pattern that I have since passed on to a good friend in the hopes she will discover her own sewing joy. But I would rate this Sew Sweetness pattern right up there with any of the Vogue bags I have made in the past.
Go on, give it a go! And don’t forget to show me some pictures when you do!

2 thoughts on “Sew sweetness bag contest

  1. Debbie Iles

    Thank you Laurie! The side panels are definitely included. I think amongst the pieces you have to draw yourself, I think in the top right corner??. There are also two pieces you just cut out – the last page you print out. I am actually away from home on holidays right now or I would have a look to jog my memory better. But I can assure you they are there. 😉 Looking forward to seeing your bag!



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