Just another jersey top

With the recent rainy weather, I realised I was a bit low on trans-seasonal tops. Lucky for me, I had some gorgeous soft jersey from a recent trip to Tessuti Fabrics. I am a bit fussy about what prints I like on jersey fabrics, but this one managed to catch my eye. Unfortunately, I only purchased one metre of it so I had to top it up with my stash of super soft modal/silk in order to complete the top. I think I quite like the colour blocking after all. And the end result is a top so soft and comfy, that I’m not totally sure I won’t be wearing it 24/7.

2 thoughts on “Just another jersey top

  1. Debbie Iles

    It was my own design, but you could use a basic T-shirt pattern that fits you well in a stretch jersey. All you would need to do is lengthen the sleeves by a few inches and cut the top off at your waist/high waist. The gathered bottom is about twice the length of the top hem. I cut it as long rectangle and then marked a curved hem (long at the back, short at the front) to cut afterwards.



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