Kimono sleeve jumpsuit for Miss Five

After such a great success sewing my Hannah top, I was quite keen to get stuck into another Salme sewing pattern, in particular the kiddie kimono sleeve playsuit. Well, it turned out an absolute treat! I really think I am developing a soft spot for Salme sewing patterns. The drafting is impeccable. The only complaint I have is that seam allowances aren’t included in the pdf downloads, meaning a bit more time is spent on my hands and knees tracing around the pattern pieces when I would really just prefer to cut and go. But maybe this feature would come in handy if I decided baste in my seamlines by hand for that extra special project.

The gorgeous Liberty of London I used is from Tessuti Fabrics. I only needed a mere 70cm to make this playsuit in a size seven for my little Miss 5. She’s quite tall for her age, so I knew I would have to size up in order to get the length right.

I would recommend putting three snap fasteners in the front instead of two to prevent gaping. And do you like my first attempt at beading? The fabulous gold sequins came from the Fabric Store.

It’s a bit wonky but I am so pleased with myself for finally having a go. I think I will practice a bit more on kiddie clothes before I jump into that special beading project. Thank you Laura Mae from Lilacs and Lace for putting together this little beading tutorial. It has been on my want-to-learn list for positively eons. And I have had a bag of beading stash under my sewing table waiting for me to get started for at least that long too.

2 thoughts on “Kimono sleeve jumpsuit for Miss Five

  1. C. Briggs

    I am about to start this pattern and as I read through the instructions I’m a bit confused by the waistband. How it’s attached, etc. Could you lend me your insight?


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Oh my goodness, it’s such a long time since I’ve made this pattern. I’ll try my best to remember – I’m not 100% sure I followed the directions, often I just sew things up in my own way now. I *think* the two waistband pieces sandwich the bodice and are stitched on, and then then opened out to the right side and then I attached them together to shorts, leaving a gap for the elastic. I serged that raw edge. I’m sure you could also do at seam separately to enclose all the raw edges but I was sewing it quick for a kid. Hope this helps.



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