Drop waist obsession

I have suddenly become a little obsessed with drop waist dresses. I’m not quite sure what happened but I woke up a few days ago and everything in my wardrobe seemed dated. I was craving something much like this!

My first port of call was to track down the marvellous Malvarosa dress pattern by Pauline Alice that I had seen a while back. Of course, at that point, I couldn’t remember the name of either the dress, blog or designer, and when I searched my bloglovin account, I couldn’t find it there either…disaster! So after racking my brain, Marvelosa, Malarosa….and fruitlessly searching Ebay and Etsy for other suitable matches for the picture in my head, I finally ended up drafting my own design with the help of Alice (my beloved dress mannequin).

After creating the pattern pieces, I decided to create a wearable muslin using a cotton knit rather than use my ‘nice’ fabric right off the bat. I chose the cotton knit for two reasons. I have a tendency to misjudge the amount of ease I need when I drape on Alice, and secondly, I wanted to use up a fabric that I wasn’t quite sure I loved anymore. I must also add that halfway through cutting my own design, I had a massive moment of doubt, finally tracked down the Malvarosa pattern, and purchased it.

But I really shouldn’t have doubted myself! I love the way my dress turned out and I love this fabric all over again. I don’t regret purchasing my Malvarosa pattern as I might still make a long sleeve version of this in a few months time, using my own bodice pieces as a guide (assuming they fit as well in a woven fabric).

6 thoughts on “Drop waist obsession

  1. Debbie Iles

    I can't wait to see yours now! I was talking with Silva, Colettes mum, from Tessuti's a while back about leaving some knits unfinished on the edges and because it was her, i feel like i am allowed to do this now, whereas before i felt like i was supposed to hem everything. Hence, my hem on this dress is unfinished. 🙂


  2. Debbie Iles

    Thank you Pauline! Oh the name is not forgettable at all – just different to me as I had only just discovered your patterns and blog. I do intend to make your Malvarosa still, but I think I will make the long sleeve version this winter now…which may be sooner than intended if our family ends up making a big overseas move to Kansas…


  3. coco

    Just ran across your post, while researching the Malvarosa dress! And your self-drafted version has a couple subtle elements that address my doubts about the malvarosa – your skirt is not ‘too’ gathered (an easy fix) and more importantly, the skirt is attached at just the right place to look balanced and pretty. Nice work!!


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thank you Coco! Drop waist dresses are so easy and comfy to wear. Mine are getting a bit old now, but I’ve still been wearing one as a pool cover-up all summer.



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