Drop waist dress – version two – and a very Merry Christmas to all!

Well after the success of my first drop waist dress, I couldn’t wait to get started on my second, but this time in a heavier weight woven fabric. I was after a stiffer and more fuller silhouette. My sources of inspiration were:

and Victoria Beckham.
But as I do not live on the covers of Vogue and I need an element of practicality in my life, I chose to make a dress more like the one below, designed by Cynthia Rowley.
I’m pretty happy with the way mine turned out. It certainly feels a little more structured than the knit version, but I am not entirely sure which one I like best as yet. The fabric is amazing! I chose it especially for this dress (from Tessuti Fabrics) and I absolutely adore it. My poor tired brain wasn’t functioning well enough to match the print on the front of the dress (around the invisible zipper), but I did manage to line up the florals on the back nicely (although this was hardly neuroscience!). Like my other version, I achieved the shape of the long bodice by using very long French darts.


A few too many blurry shots in this photo shoot. I think Miss Five may have found my stash of rum balls ;-).

This is my Christmas dress this year. It wasn’t planned that way, but I managed to finish it in the nick of time and it feels perfectly festive to me. So on that note, I am going to wish each and everyone a wonderful Christmas, filled with laughter, love, and perhaps a few ruffles! See you all in the aftermath! X 

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