Twinkly tulle for Miss FOUR!

Finally, finally, finally, after several months of anticipation, this little girl turned FOUR. I’ve never known anyone to be quite so excited about reaching a birthday milestone. So it was only fitting that she should be showered with her heart’s desires on this special day…pink and tulle.

Even I am delighted with how beautifully the ‘ballerina’ dress turned out. You may remember my other posts about it here and here.


Now on the other side of things, I may be a dietitian, but I don’t particularly enjoy baking. So I am also pleased to report that Miss Four was equally as excited about her cake this year. Looking at her delight in this photo makes me smile. I think I met her ‘pink’ expectations. She made the sponge portion with me (pink, by the way) and I surprised her with the pink icing and candy decorations.

And if you are paying extra attention to this photo, you might notice Miss Two’s finger poised to attack. She was painting tiger stripes on her face earlier in the day, as you do.

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