Reflections and misses for 2013


Looking back, I have to admit that I’ve had a pretty good year. I’ve come a long way since 2012 and I am getting a lot better at understanding how to fit my body and translate the images in my mind into stitches on fabric.

I’ve had a lot of lightbulb moments this year, in better understanding sewing techniques, construction methods, and fitting issues. I’m still constantly learning and I know I will still have plenty of big misses in the future, but I also know that if I take my time, plan things through properly, and if I SEW A MUSLIN first, then most things I make can turn out at the very least, wearable.

I quite enjoyed looking back and reflecting on my biggest successes of last year, so I feel it is only fair that I share my doozies too. These aren’t quite all of them, but the ones I didn’t get around to photograph generally didn’t make it past the muslin stage.

1. The not-so-wearable muslin


Seriously….what was I thinking! Now don’t get me wrong. The fabric is utterly divine, a lemon seersucker remnant I picked up from Tessuti Fabrics. The fit was great and I liked components of the design (I was testing the bodice for my Tessuti Awards dress). But the cotton lace back was tacky and front on, it looked like I was about to dive into The Sound of Music set. I will say no more.

2. The hand-dyed skirt

I had great fun dyeing the fabric and the fit is perfect (although hubby says I look like an upside down flower in it).But the skirt really isn’t my style and I have nothing to wear with it. The fabric is silk, so I wouldn’t wear it on a daily basis,  but it isn’t particularly good quality silk, and I know I would always choose something else to wear on a special outing anyway. It is currently gathering dust in my wardrobe.

3. The cropped bolero

This devastation was completed before I started blogging. I actually made two of these boleros. The first one was collarless and in emerald green wool. I loved it but hubby said I looked like an elf  when I wore it so I gave it away. I changed this one a little by adding a collar. As you can see, I got the collar completely wrong. It was too narrow and the only way I could get it to sit down was to stitch it…which is a complete mess. I also forgot to follow my previous pattern adjustments when I cut the fabric, so it is uncomfortably tight across the back. So now I have this white elephant sitting in my closet. The fabric is a divine wool and cashmere blend, but it is too small with an atrocious collar. It could have been so cute!

4. Winter wool suiting bubble dress for Midgie


I nearly cried! She wore it once and then it was too small. I just should have just sewn it in a bigger size. It did look super cute on her though, especially with white tights and a little long sleeve top underneath. It was made using a pattern from one of my Japanese pattern books.

5. The ruffle top

There isn’t much to say about this top. It worked out well enough. It fits me reasonably but the fabric is cheap and the style just screams ‘homemade’ to me. I never wear it.

Otherwise, another big thing I have learnt from the past year is that I need to consider the whole picture more. On more than one occasion, I have made a fabulous top or skirt or shirt that I love, but then I have nothing to wear it with. I often choose beautiful prints and textures for a project but I need to think about making more simpler, single colour separates so I can mix and match a bit more successfully in my wardrobe.

Bring on 2014. Happy New Year everyone!

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