Festive fever

I made this little dress a few months ago, just before I started blogging. It was only recently unwrapped on Christmas day and I am happy to say that it was met with a big smile. Miss Five did comment on the fact that Santa must have pinched some of my fabric, but for some reason, this all seemed within the realm of normal to her. I think dresses will have to be a gift from Mummy rather than Santa next year if I am to keep this Christmas dream alive for as long as possible.

Isn’t it positively festive?! I used a pattern from one of my Japanese pattern books. The same dress is actually pictured on the front cover. However, I did raise the front neckline by a few cm.

The fabric I used is a gorgeous printed linen from Tessuti Fabrics. I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it and probably purchased a little more than I needed. I have made it into a fabulous pair of pyjama pants for myself (V1347 Chado Ralph Rucci), a skirt for Miss Two, and a dodgy lampshade (that we won’t speak too much of).

Hubby doesn’t particularly like the fabric base colour. He calls it ‘wholemeal’. I can see his point, but I still love it.

And so does my pretty little butterfly. But keeping her still for these photos on Christmas day was no mean feat!

7 thoughts on “Festive fever

  1. barbarajane

    hello Debbie, the dress is gorgeous and agree the model is adorable. I found your blog last year because I ve just started blogging myself, have been meaning to say hi. that dress was the perfect excuse. I used the same fabric for myself and made by hand londons anna, it was a lovely chistmas dress. all the best and happy sewing in 2014, cheers barbara


  2. Debbie Iles

    Thank you Barbara! I will look forward to seeing all your creations too. What a great idea making the Anna dress out of linen. I have the pattern and have been toying with lots of fabric options for it but for some reason my summer staple of linen just did not come to mind. Thanks for saying Hi 🙂


  3. Kate Moore

    Beautiful dress and most gorgeous fabric.
    When I was a child I always received presents from “Santa” that were made by my mum, always a nightie and often a soft toy and a new dress. Those presents were always my favourites and I remember them all to this day (I'm 52 now :-O ) when the bought things are long forgotten. I never questioned how they got in my stocking even though I new mum made them.


  4. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! That's a lovely story. My six year old still talks about how I gave some fabric to santa for the bags they all got last year. She'd recognised the fabric and worked out how it could all be possible. Made perfect sense to her. I love the tradition of giving handmade gifts, and I might stop worrying about the girls figuring out where they come from 😉



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