Rite of Spring Shorts

Quite simply, these shorts are amazing. I am not sure I will ever wear them again (a little too short for what I’m used to!), but boy are they comfortable and the design is just superb. It is the second Papercut pattern I have tried (the Rigel Bomber was my first), and once again, I am delighted with the result.

I used a little leftover cotton sateen that I had recently turned into a long shirt dress. The piping was some lilac shirting, because it was the best matching homemade bias binding this lazy girl had on hand.

These shorts came together beautifully. I love their seamlines and the way the piping highlights this feature (try to ignore the slightly mismatched grid lines if you can!). I also love the way the back hem is curved and interfaced so that it sits out in a very flattering manner. The sizing was pretty spot on. The fit is near perfect on me. I would just like to remove a little bit of excess fabric in the front crotch area if I made these again. I’m also wondering if I could add pockets along those curved side seams. I can see these shorts looking fabulous made up in wool for winter and worn over dark tights.

For me, I had a little difficulty in finding the right top to match. At first, I tried my go-to work shirt, made up in a silk/cotton voile called Smudged (from Tessuti Fabrics). But this didn’t quite work.

So then I tried something else. I cut several inches off the hem of an old black T-shirt, turning it into a cropped top. I think this looks a little better, but I feel rather overexposed. Adding the jacket helped a bit, but really, the only way I feel truly comfortable with my amount of bare leg in these shorts is to crop the photos, which obviously isn’t possible in real life!

6 thoughts on “Rite of Spring Shorts

  1. lisa g.

    these shorts look amazing on you! i really like it paired with the button up blouse. i would be crazy self conscious of the leg exposure, but these shorts are so darn cute!


  2. sallie oleta barbee

    Oh my goodness! These shorts were MADE for your long legs!! I like both of the ways you've styled these – the cropped top would be excellent for a lazy summer day. I've always loved the details you mentioned about this pattern, but I've always hesitated making them because they are on the short side. However, every time I see someone else make them up and wear them I always think they look fantastic!! I think maybe we just feel more exposed in our heads than we actually look. Which is my way of saying – you look fabulous, and these should definitely get some IRL wear!


  3. SewJillian

    I agree with Sallie! You totally have the pins to carry off those shorts. But I do hear you. I was a bit of a semi-short shorts wearer until really recently and now feel just a little bit uncomfortable showing so much skin. And I love your shirt! I do like the cropped top with the shorts too and if paired with flats you might feel more comfy? I often find heels with shorts can make you feel even more exposed. I think you look GREAT!


  4. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Sallie! I just need to adjust my comfort zone. And I think in a nice bright floral fabric, they could make the perfect beach shorts in which case I might feel more normal in them 🙂



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