For the love of clothes

Not everything I make turns out great. This top was my latest disappointment. However, not all is lost. I usually try to find a way to repurpose my disasters or if they are made in the right type of comfy fabric, relegate them to the pyjama drawer. Needless to say, night time in the Iles household can often be a very colourful and eclectic affair.

I actually had Miss Five in mind when making this Little Truck Stop Top. It was never destined for greatness but I had hoped it would turn out a little better. The top was a mash up of scraps…a little bit of Daddy’s last business shirt, a scrap of Marc Jacobs, and a square of cotton from a baby dress I made last season. The little Truck Stop Top only starts at a size 7, so I brought in the sides, lifted the neckline and sheared a few inches off the hem to create a much smaller size that would fit my eldest daughter. It worked out well enough, although I am not sold on the colours and patterns. The fit needs a little tweaking too.

Miss Five, with her more minimalist taste turned this top down flat. I can understand why. Miss Four gave the top a shot, pairing it with her older sister’s baggy black leggings and a little something for her hair.

But the very next day, little Miss Two emerged from the bedroom after her bath wearing the top. It had clearly been passed down to the lowest common denominator (not in my opinion of course, but I know how negotiations work with those older and highly persuasive sisters).

Does anyone else notice the crazy happenings in my street?! And the dribble patch…

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