Liberty of London and V8805

Boy this Vogue 8805 is getting a workout! Here it is, slightly modified, in yet another (gasp, horror) DROP WAIST DRESS. Seriously now, it is starting to look like I have a problem. But in my defence (if I can call it one), this was not meant to be the next dress of my series, AND I actually don’t know where this dress came from. I didn’t plan to make it. There was no vision in my head. I just sat down with some fabric that I wanted to use up from my stash and suddenly a drop waist started to appear.

I used the leftover cotton ribbing from my Rigel Bomber in the sleeves. This makes the dress lovely and comfortable. The rest of the dress was made using a Liberty of London called Lodden Blue that I was lucky enough to pick up as a remnant from Tessuti Fabrics a while back. Unfortunately, as I look at the photos, I can now see that I cut the back a little off grain, bah! All the worse because I had this sinking feeling as I was cutting it. I knew I shouldn’t have cut on the fold, but instead drawn up the full pattern piece to cut as one.

I was inspired to use the Liberty in this dress after seeing Emilie’s creation, as posted on Sew Tessuti a while back. I probably wouldn’t have thought of using Liberty otherwise, and can you believe it, this is actually the first Liberty print dress I have ever sewn for myself?! So here is a little happy twirl to celebrate this beautiful Summer fabric!

The modifications that I made to Vogue 8805 were:

  • shortening the sleeves (back to 2cm from the yoke seam)
  • shortening the middle panel by about 5cm
  • Adding a ruffle panel of 2 x widths of Liberty
  • I took about 2.5cm off the neckline all the way around and then added a band
  • Used my twin needle to finish the sleeve hems

11 thoughts on “Liberty of London and V8805

  1. barbarajane

    that's a lovely liberty print, a perfect summer dress. I love sewing with liberty and have made my husband a few shirts in various prints, though it's hard to find masculine ones. He loves wearing them.


  2. Debbie Iles

    I've very nearly made my hubby one in a Liberty floral a few months ago but chickened out at the last minute. I really should give it a go next time. I imagine it would make sewing a business shirt that bit more fun 😉


  3. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! It is such a great pattern, because it has custom fits for different cup sizes. So you can sew it up right out of the packet with no need for a FBA or SBA (in my case ;-))



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