Fit and flare in V8805

I was thinking of changing the name of my blog to Drop Waist and Co. But I’m going to call this dress a Fit and Flare instead. It’s probably a mere technicality, like calling pasta, ‘linguine’, but I’ll run with it. So, just to clarify before we start, this is NOT a drop waist dress. It is a fit and flare frock.


I ordered 3m of this gorgeous grey merino wool ponte from Tessuti Fabrics (the same used in my Winter Malvarosa) with the intention of making myself a dress and then using the remainder to furnish the wardrobes of my little girls with snuggly winter items. Obviously, something didn’t go to plan, because suddenly, here before me, I have another winter dress for moi! Oops.

Here it is. My somewhat modified version of Vogue 8805. If you are wondering what changes I made, here they are.

  • added 6″ in length to the arms
  • tapered the arms to be about 3″ narrower towards the hem
  • slimmed the sides down to fit me closely, about 2″ off both side seams
  • added two fish eye darts in the back
  • added some flared cuffs (inspired by Nikki and her gorgeous LWD)
  • added a front zipper
  • shortened the middle panel by 1″ and added a pleated skirt to the bottom

The flared cuffs and pleated skirt were made using a navy wool twill remnant from Tessuti Fabrics. What do you think? Worthy of my new ‘practical’ shoes?

6 thoughts on “Fit and flare in V8805

  1. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! I think you are right, nearly all sorted for winter. I just need a big coat now but I will wait to start that when I have the time and mindspace to settle into a nice big project.


  2. SewJillian

    You go right ahead and delude yourself Debbie! It's looks fabulous as always! How you manage to look so incredibly put together with three young children is beyond me. I have one small child and am happy to brush my hair in the mornings. 🙂


  3. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! But I also feel I should let you in on a very well kept secret…when you have three children, parenting duties disappear, they look after each other ;-), or perhaps I have simply become deaf to a certain decibel over the years…



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