The family uniform

This is very nearly my last project for a wee while. I will apologise in advance if I don’t get around to answering comments like I used to, particularly over the next few months. But I still read every single one of them and I always get super excited to see them!
Today I vacuum packed all my fabric and filled MY suitcase with most of my notions. All that is left on my sewing table is few little scrappy bits of fabric that I have allowed myself to play around with before I pack away my machine. I suspect I may have one or two little skirts left in me before we go.
But oh, won’t hubby be so very proud to see this last collection! Haha, I jest! Just look at us all in the same uniform. Of course this wasn’t planned. But there was NO way I was going to waste a single skerrick of my fabric splurge. The original dress I made with it is here.

So let me start with MY little shift. I used up the last main bit of my gorgeous Italian viscose for the body and a little remnant of stretchy jersey viscose for the rest, both from Tessuti Fabrics. Try to ignore the aqua bullseye if you can, and my only decent pair of shoes won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

The pattern I used was Vogue 8805 again. I made the following alterations:
  • slimmed down the arms (the same as here)
  • Shortened the sleeves (the same as here)
  • Shortened the bottom panel by 12cm
The next in line in the House of Iles is Miss Five. Using New Look 6016, I basically remade this dress here as best I could with the lengths of skirt fabric I had available. I did grade it up to a size 5 and make the sleeves shorter with a slight flare though.

And then finally, I was able to scrounge enough remaining scraps to make the same little summer frock for Miss Two. Unfortunately, I had to cut parts of the little skirt on the crossgrain so gathering it nicely was a bit more challenging, and I’m hoping parts of it don’t stretch out too noticeably over time.

Yeah Mum, I can dance!

So I am pleased to say that this is all that is left of my fabric splurge. It is the truth in it’s entirety and a voucher VERY well spent!

21 thoughts on “The family uniform

  1. Kirsty

    I would have loved to see a picture of you all together! Fantastic use of the material and I love that vogue pattern. I must add it to my wish list. All the very best with your move and please keep us all updated – even if you don't have any makes to show off.


  2. Debbie Iles

    That photo may be yet too come (I'm sure much to my hubby's dismay ;-)). It is such a versatile pattern, and I find it a nice fit because of the custom cup sizing. Will definitely keep the updates coming!


  3. michelle

    Hi Debbie! I have a newbie question if you have the time! I am in the (early) process of making V8805 and I'm ready to lay out the pattern pieces and cut. But . . . when I look at the illustration for how to layout the pieces, it seems . . . incorrect? Take for example pieces 7 and 6. It says to have pattern piece 7 right side up and piece 6 wrong side up, according to the shading. But when I actually follow that instruction, my result is a mirror image of what it shows on the illustration. Same goes for the rest of the pieces. What am I missing here??? Is the illustration incorrect? Thanks so much in advance! You could also email me at mlchamlee AT gmail DOT com



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