Fabric deliciousness

So I know that I am really, REALLY not supposed to be buying any more fabric right now. I know I have a problem when all I am worried about getting to the US is my fabric and pattern stash?! I just weighed my ‘fabric’ suitcase and it was 30kg! I’m not sure how I am going to sneak that one past hubby. Obviously I snaffled the biggest suitcase(s) for myself.

But these little bits, I just couldn’t resist. I will call them my going away treats and aren’t they just the most delicious morsels you have ever seen! Unfortunately, I was only able to purchase a single metre of these delicious silks, but I have visions of how I can do justice with them (as soon as I am happy to finish admiring them of course).

Both are from Tessuti Fabrics. The first is a silk satin and the second is silk organza.

I’m pretty much all packed now. But I’m left a little air pocket for one last visit to my favourite fabric haunts ;-). Next stop is a farewell scrappy skirt for Miss Four. And then we hit the runway on March 2nd! Eeeek!

12 thoughts on “Fabric deliciousness

  1. SewJillian

    Oh. My. God!!! That top one is to die for. And you totally needed these. Whatever they end up as is going to be totally delicious. Silk…. I just can't get past the fact I am around constantly sticky little hands. Laundering silks, any advice? I still haven't started my Roxanne after The Fabric Store silk splurge. Fabric fear…


  2. Debbie Iles

    I know what you mean. WAY too many sticky hands here too. The first wear is the worse because you worry about it too much, but then you realise just how tough silk is…they make parachutes out of it ;-). Seriously though, I will have major fabric fear with this too. I haven't had too much experience with silk satin, but silk crepe de chine and organza is amazingly tough and I've used it a lot in our clothes lately. I use scraps to make my girls little girl skirts (fearlessly because they scraps were way too small for anything useful), and through experience, have seen that it washes perfectly fine in the machine on the normal cycle, and withstands their crazy messy play amazingly well, in fact better than some cottons!


  3. Debbie Iles

    Oops, meant to say, for my special silks (not my girls scrappy skirts, I machine wash on the silk cycle (30deg, 600-800rev) using Softly (NO fabric softener). No time for hand washing in this house 😉



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