Knitting pink

I think I already knew this, but I’m pretty sure I will never be a serious knitter. I know it’s early days yet, but I just don’t think I have the patience. 

But I am pleased with my progress so far. My knitting ambitions were never very high. I learnt how to cast on and do a basic garter stitch when I was a child. So my knitting history to date is several unfinished scarfs of various lengths and widths; unfinished because I lacked the knitting drive, and unfinished because I never learnt how to cast off.

So at the moment, I am actually quite pleased with myself, despite the simplicity of my goals. I now know how to purl, to knit ribbing (after a few false starts), and to do a sockinette stitch. I’ve also managed to master the cast off. I have started my very first scarf that I intend to actually finish. And then I have some simple beanies in mind for my next knitting project.

This super simple project has been a good way for me to try out different stitches and stitch patterns. Miss Four is not very discerning. The scarf will be pink, so therefore it already ticks all the boxes for her. I’m sure she won’t mind my practice knitting segments in it!

But before I go, I have to tell you the funniest and best thing about this knitting experience. My three little girls have never seen me knit before, so as I pulled out the needles and began to cast on, I heard Miss Five exclaim at the top of her voice, “Quick everybody, Mummy’s knitting! I’m going to watch!”. And then all three girls hurriedly dragged chairs around me to watch. Knit, knit, knit, knit….”It’s taking a long time Mummy!”…

6 thoughts on “Knitting pink

  1. Debbie Iles

    I've always admired knitters, but my admiration as now reached a whole new level! Muddling my way through a beanie right now and my craving to sew is increasing with each stitch ;-).


  2. Gail

    What a sweet and funny story! Love it!

    You're doing so well! I wonder if your forced separation from sewing over the next while will make you fall in love with knitting more?



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