Getting my sewing sorted in Kansas

Hello again! I am on my way to being back in action.  We arrived in Kansas nearly two weeks ago now. But it has been a crazy few weeks of buying furniture,  sorting out schools, and of course learning to drive on the opposite side of the road. Coupled with the snow and icy conditions,  that was probably my most nerve wracking experience to date.

You must forgive the quality of my posts for a while until we sort out computers. For now, my phone has to suffice.

Kansas is beautiful with so much space and greenery compared to our inner west dwellings of Sydney.  I think we will be happy here!

This morning we awoke to snow again after a few lovely warmer days. 

My sewing station is halfway set up. I have to bribe hubby to make the second table yet and then I am off shopping for my new overlocker…any recommendations? My beloved Pfaff arrived relatively unscathed,  having been torn apart for an inspection by customs…just a small crack in the outside case…so much for fragile handling! 

11 thoughts on “Getting my sewing sorted in Kansas

  1. Gail

    Welcome to the Midwest! If you ever make it to Chicago, give me a holler!

    I'm impressed that after only two weeks you have any of your sewing stuff set up! That's true dedication!

    Not sure how high-end you want to go with your overlocker. I went low-end and bought the Brother 1034D two years ago. I have worked that baby hard and have been really happy with it. I'm not sure how long your stint in the US will be, but if it seems that you might be going back home eventually, it might be worth buying the lower price machine for the time you're here? I got mine for about $200 – I see that it's up to about $230 now on Amazon.


  2. SewJillian

    Hello! So lovely to see you back again. Hope the move was pretty smooth sailing (except for the poor overlocker!). I always hear about people in the States getting ridiculous deals for sewing machines/overlockers on Craigslist. Not sure if you want brand new or pre-loved. I adore my old Pfaff Hobbylock. She might be ageing but she's as solid as a rock. Though auto-threading might be nice 🙂



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