Knitting not to be

So for the sake of full disclosure, I really feel that I should share my knitting progress. It started off with a bang. And I really, REALLY want to love knitting, especially with all the amazing inspiration coming through on my blog roll. But I suspect my patchy knit-work is going to be limited to road trips.

But I did manage to complete a few little projects. Check out the beanies and scarfs on this lot (note: a yellow beanie and unfinished scarf is missing from this photo). I should also mention that this photo was taken about a month ago on the first day we arrived in Kansas, to mountains of snow and below zero temperatures. And yes, my stubborn children are not wearing shoes or gloves…or coats!

After my delirious success at finishing a beanie, I decided to start out on a more ambitious road, but perhaps it was a little above my skill set. I downloaded a design off Ravelry to make a little dress for my littlest one, the Maxi Top by Elena Nodel It started well…

But it is a bit of a mess. Just look at all the holes in it. The underarm section is pretty messy too. I just couldn’t work out how to do some of the stitches in the pattern. The striped scarf was much more fun. I was freestyling stripes, having just figured out how to change colours without tying knots in the yarn. But I have to admit that this one is unfinished because I just got bored. I
n any case, since my sewing table is now back in action, the knitting has lain delightfully dormant for the past few weeks. But I won’t throw it away yet. I plan to salvage both articles in a few weeks when we head off skiing for the Easter weekend. I’m wondering if I can stitch those holes closed or maybe sew some beads/sequins/buttons over them…I love a good challenge! 

3 thoughts on “Knitting not to be

  1. Christy

    Despite my best efforts. I still don't love knitting and have a few half or three quarter full projects sitting around. Stick to sewing, you're good at it!!


  2. poppykettle

    I admire your determination… I tried knitting (after falling in lust with all the incredible inspiration coming outta my blogroll) but it just isn't for me. I WANT to love knitting… but I'm not there yet. Or maybe ever. Goodluck with your travelling knitting!


  3. lisa g.

    i finally picked up knitting for the first time a couple weeks ago and made an infinity scarf! it's really hard for me to adjust my pace expectations, but hopefully that will come. i may never be hardcore, but i really want to make socks and eventually a big cozy house sweater. we'll see!



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