Kwik Sew 1615

So I’m just going to be upfront here. You are about to be overloaded with cuteness. My obvious intent was to showcase Miss Six’s new tutu-togs. Sidekick is wearing the pair I made for Miss Four last year. I wrote about these ones here. They are faded from extreme wear, but the lycra was top quality and is still going strong.

Sewing swimwear isn’t difficult, but it can be a wee bit fiddly at times, especially when you make little bitty things. I used Kwik Sew 1615 for this pair and started out with a size 7. The fabric was some gorgeous Anna and Boy lycra I picked up from The Fabric Store when last in Sydney. The pattern changes I made are as follows:

  • lengthened the body by 3cm (above the tulle)
  • shortened the shoulder straps
  • added a contoured seamline at the hips (where I could add the gathered tulle)
  • removed the bottom back seam (under the tulle) and cut on the fold instead

And now for the team photos. There was a little bit of posing and then an awful lot of dancing. Seriously, where did they learn to dance like that!

A little bit of extra booty from Miss Two before she shows Coco how to rock the house!



5 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 1615

  1. SewJillian

    Miss 2 totally knows how to get down on it! She looks like she dishing out the moves to Coco! These suits are divine. I picked up a vintage swimsuit pattern for M a few years ago and now I have to get it made up in a tutu style! Very cool.


  2. Debbie Iles

    Yep, that little one has had to develop a big personality to hold her own! You should definitely do it tutu style. Of all the things I make my girls, these togs with that simple little scrap of tulle gets the most excitement, even from my big girl who isn't so much into frou frou. The girls LOVE them.


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