And then there were THREE


As my mother would say, “There’s no show without Punch!”. Yep, Punch being Miss Two, who somehow seems to insert herself into the middle of any action or excitement that goes down around here. 


When I purchased the fabric, I wasn’t planning on making THREE of these dresses, so I had to be a little creative to make the fabric stretch that far. The underskirt is made from something you might recognise from my Anna wearable muslin. Unfortunately, those skirt panels that I cut off grain didn’t fare so well after a few washes. This wasn’t the end of the world though, as I’ve been able to repurpose the skirt, and do some experimental hacking at the bodice design to make a few modifications to my next Anna. Try not to look too hard at that lazy overlocked edge!

The design of this alternative Elsa dress is actually just a shameless RTW knock off, stitch for stitch, but with slightly different sleeves. Those following me on Instagram might recall the original white and orange version I photographed in the cutting stages. When we moved to Kansas a few months ago, we had to be quite ruthless with our packing. All worn out or disliked clothing had to go. Heartbreakingly, this meant I had to go on a RTW shopping spree for the girls as soon as we arrived. They had plenty of winter gear, but absolutely nothing for Spring. Miss Two fell in love with a little ‘tutu-dress’ from Targét. It nearly broke my heart to buy it because I could see how simple it was to make! Nevertheless, it has become a fabulous template!

I have to admit, I was a bit careless in the making of Miss Two’s dress and it shows (mostly in those messy sleeve gathers). I had her hot little breath on my back as I was making it. But I skipped the gathers with Coco’s and took a bit more care.

And you’ll be pleased to know that I was repaid in kind with yet anoooooother rendition of Let it Go.

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