Vogue 8909: Ralph Lauren fancy pant trackie dacks

So I purchased this lovely Ralph Lauren wool suiting from MOOD, stuck it in the machine for a pre-wash and eeek….it lost it’s pristine, smooth finish. I was devastated! I ironed it and ironed it, and it improved quite a bit, but not to the extent that I would like. What on earth was I thinking?!

Luckily, the fabric wasn’t completely ruined, and I’m that hopeful it might still come up better after a dryclean. I did notice as I was sewing it, that with hotter pressing it improved more, but I’m always so scared of scorching fabrics (given my history!), particularly this white wool, that has a tiny bit of elastane in it.

Because of the slight stretch this wool has, I though it would be perfect for a pair of fancy pant trackie dacks. I might have stolen a little inspiration ok shamelessly copied them from Nikki of Beaute jádore. I used Vogue 8909, the same pattern I used for my leather jogging pants last year. I was originally going to make a Tokyo jacket with this wool, but I switched to neoprene for the Tokyo jacket instead. I haven’t blogged about the Tokyo jacket yet but there are some photos on my Instagram. Likewise, I must point out that I am NOT blogging about the Camilla cami you see in the photo. Well, not in this post anyway. I’ve specifically made it for an outfit I’ve planned for week 4 of Indie Month so I will be holding off to blog about it then.


V8909 is a tried and true pattern for me now. I like the fit. They are comfortable pants. The only thing I need to adjust is the length. These jogging pants are designed to be slightly cropped, which makes them more like pedal pushers on me. I’m not exactly sure how much I lengthened these by in total since I altered an already altered (leather pants) pattern, but I suspect I may have added about 4.5″ to the longer version. I also partially lined them in china silk.

Unfortunately, the wool is a little less opaque than I thought, and I can see the outline of the lining underneath them. I should have made my lining longer, but I think I can get over this.

So once again, I’ve opted for an out-of-season make. But I do think these pants are pretty versatile, especially if we have any more cool Spring days. Does anyone else suffer from such an affliction, perhaps making strapless frocks in the dead of Winter or sewing coats in a heatwave?

9 thoughts on “Vogue 8909: Ralph Lauren fancy pant trackie dacks

  1. sallie oleta barbee

    Love this look – I've been wanting to add more pants like this to my wardrobe. I love the whole 'dressed-down' silhouette paired with a dressier fabric. And yes! I'm totally starting to be more of an out of season maker… I just finished knitting a bulky wool sweater and it's 90F out!


  2. poppykettle

    Nice save for that fabric (bummer!) because these pants are all kinds of lovely! no wonder that pattern is a TNT for you – it looks wonderful. And that wool sits so beautifully, especially around your ankles. Love it!


  3. sewmanju

    These look fab on you! Love the colour, the drape and the styling. Tres chic! On another note, annoyed that it appears I can't enter the tessuti jaywalk contest! They say the fabric is too heavy to ship to me. I saw your entry the other day: gorgeous!


  4. Kirsty

    Oh I love this and the inspiration is such a cool outfit I can see why you went for it. I've always loved the idea of fancy tracksuit pants. Must try them. Bad news about the fabric but it sounds like it was sort of saved.


  5. SewJillian

    They are some lush trackie dacks! And I'm looking forward to reading about the cami, gorgeous colour. Together they are a fab outfit, perfect for upmarket spine bashing on the couch 🙂 or wearing out and about of course!


  6. barbarajanemade

    Very posh trackie dacs, they looks great as well as comfortable and love the cami, look forward to hearing more about it. I often want to sew out of season, mainly summer frocks in winter.



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