A little bit of furry fun


Blue faux fur for Miss Four. This was always going to be a huge risk. I was actually pretty sure she wouldn’t like it, but guess what? She is smitten with her ‘blue bear’ vest. In fact, all three girls fancy a bit of blue fur for themselves right now.


I’m pretty sure this faux fur is not going to wash well. How does one launder faux fur? Or does it require dry cleaning?? Given the fact it took a full 30 seconds to make, apart from my interspersed fits of coughing up furballs, my current thought is to simply let it be worn until it walks itself to the curb…

4 thoughts on “A little bit of furry fun

  1. Debbie Iles

    I'm thinking about it for out street party on July 4th…it can be the blue part of my outfit (although I might swelter…the humidity here in the Midwest is phenomenal, like Cairns!)



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