Style 3304: a playsuit in white

I’ve made this pattern before. It’s a vintage one, Style 3304. Last time, I modified it to a short version (long story!) in some fun Marc Jacobs fabric. This time, I was dreaming of white.


The pattern itself is simple enough to make, but not particularly well fitting without a few adjustments. I learnt this from my last make. The changes I made this time were:
– adding elastic in casing in the top back of the bodice for a better fit
– lengthening the bodice by 0.5″
– widening the legs towards the bottom by about 2″ and adding elastic to the hems
– I also converted the straps to adjustable
– you’ll notice I didn’t bother serging the edge of the facing. I used fusible interfacing on my facing (I always do, even though instructions rarely say to). The ponte doesn’t fray, but would be even less likely to do so once fused with facing, so to reduce bulk (and a possible seam line being seen) through my lightweight fabric, I chose not to finish the edge.


The fabric I used was a very lightweight ponte knit from It is the same fabric I used for my Kanerva hack a while back. It shrinks a LOT after washing so I gave it a thoroughly mean pre-treatment before sewing. But it is a beautifully soft, creamy white and it is a truly lovely fabric to wear.



I’m pretty happy with my slouchy new jumpsuit. As always, I love the pockets, and it is just so comfortable that I suspect I will be dressing it down for the school run way more than I will be glamming it up.

16 thoughts on “Style 3304: a playsuit in white

  1. Kirsty

    Love love love. Stay on that white trip – it's working and this is a great pattern, the short version was great, but it is just so perfect long.



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