The Muppets are calling, they want him back

So I think I may have mentioned the horrors of sewing with faux fur before. It’s not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon, but I also can’t bear to waste fabric (of any description!).

I was a little jealous of Miss Four’s stylin’ faux fur vest. She’s been wearing it everywhere, to gymnastics over her leotard (documented on Instagram) and basically whenever she feels like she needs to out dress the rest of her family.

Initially, I planned on making myself a cape version to match her blue furriness. I’ll admit that mine was a slapdash job from the very start, with me choking on fur balls and hacking at the blue monster, all the while cursing those tickly, invisible fibres as they kept landing on my nose.

I did try on my finished product. I looked a little like Oscar the Grouch in blue. It looks much nicer on Alice (my dressform). But it looks even nicer converted to a winter skirt for Miss Four! All I did was add a seamline along the back to form a casing for the elastic, two buttonholes on the front, and voila, a wrap skirt! Miss Four is delighted. Husband is shaking his head in dismay. 

I love this girl’s style!

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