Vogue 8805: linen and lace

I’m not quite sure where this dress came from. I actually pulled out the remnants of white linen and cotton lace (both from Tessuti) to make a dress for one of my daughters. Well, that obviously didn’t happen!


I love linen. I love the crinkles and the way it shimmies and ripples as it moves. It is the coolest, most comfortable fabric in summer. Usually, I can’t get enough of it, but the year before last I overdosed. I do that sometimes. I have a sneaky feeling that I am about to overdose on white this summer…


I’ve used this pattern several times already (here , here and here). This time I played around with the sleeves a little. I also widened the neckline, ditched the back closure, lengthened the middle panel and curved the hem a little. It’s a simple, yet comfortable and cool summer dress. I love it. Miss Four says I look like an angel in it. I can live with that!

10 thoughts on “Vogue 8805: linen and lace

  1. lisa g.

    white is definitely having a moment this year! it's great how you take one pattern and come up with so many different looks. the linen and lace together is a perfect combo!


  2. Chloe

    I'm a fan of V8805, too. It's a surprisingly versatile pattern. I just checked out your earlier renditions, and this and the drop waist one are my faves. The first time I used the pattern, it wasn't great, but it has grown on me. Love the white linen for summer, too!



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