Sunflowers and ruffles for Fall

I’m going to put my hand up and say that this dress was not intended for my smallest peep. Not in the beginning anyway. I knew I was treading a fine line to make the pattern (and small fabric remnants) fit Miss Four, but she was the one with her eye on the sunflowers and I was determined to give it a go, not just for her but for the sake of Oonapalooza.

The good news is, the dress does fit Miss Four, but it’s a very tight squeeze, and most definitely, it will not fit her come Fall when the weather will be more suitable for wearing neoprene and polyester. We decided to wrap it up for Miss Two’s birthday in November. Miss Four was more than happy to pose for photos and give it a trial swish. She wanted to keep it for herself but was (surprisingly) able to see reason when she realised she couldn’t bend over to do up her shoes.



As usual, when I’m sewing something for myself, there is at least one (if not three) little requests that get put to the seamstress. Miss Two usually just wants the same as me. The bigger girls are a lot more specific with their requests. Miss Four seems to think that I have the power to change the colours and shapes of prints on fabric. But for a change, she was quite enamoured with the sunflowers exactly as they were. It’s a shame it doesn’t fit her because it really is her kind of dress. There’s always next time.

The dress pattern itself is self drafted. I’ve made it before here and another time before this. I should have tweaked the bodice lines a little before I sewed this one. I keep forgetting that I bound the armscye in the original version, instead of fully lining it as I did with this one. I just need to add a little extra to the seam allowances in the armscye. And I really need to start taking better notes when I sew things!

8 thoughts on “Sunflowers and ruffles for Fall

  1. Debbie Iles

    They have their moments Rosi. They're desperate to sew on my machine and make all their little bears and dolls clothes. I've started teaching my 4 and 6 year old how to hand sew. We've been making little heart cushions. They like the outcome but get bored quickly. I'm thinking about getting them an el-cheapo Brother to learn machine sewing for Christmas if they can stick with the hand sewing until then…no way I'm letting them loose on my machine 😉



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