Will the real little Elsa please stand up

This is the fourth Elsa dress I’ve made this year and hopefully the last! Thankfully, it’s not for any of my daughters (I’m a little sick of the sight of Elsa dresses around here), but I do have to admit that this one does look super cute on my littlest peep.


Because I was making it for someone else’s child, I thought I’d have a go at making it look more authentic. But before I talk about the dress, let me just throw a figure at you. $60! Yes, that’s how much these babies sell for right now. Not the cute one with the blond hair that is. I’m talking about an Elsa dress… if you are lucky enough to find a distributer online that hasn’t sold out already! And here I am, making one for free. Well, to be perfectly honest, hubby sold my sewing services to a friend of his. I’m pretty sure he understands the value of time and sewing now (which is why I don’t sew as a business) but his solution was to offer to pay me the proper value of the dress so that he could give it to his mate. I’m still trying to figure out how that actually benefits me.

But back to the dress. It’s made of a horrid, shiny blue, ombre polyester satin, with a polyester organza cape, absolutely ghastly fabrics to sew with (not to mention wear) and virtually impossible to press the creases out of. However, the blue satin does make for the perfect Elsa sheath. I snapped up the last of the roll on sale at Jo Ann which cost me well under $20, let alone $60! I made the stinking hot polyester wearable by using a beautifully soft and light silk/model jersey for the sleeves and yoke. The white fabric will pill with washing but it is lovely to wear.


And if you ever wonder how or when I get my sewing done. I usually do it in the evening after I’ve put my three little peeps to bed. This is me the other morning, still in my PJ’s (proof that this wearable muslin came to good use after all), trying to do a quick repair job before hubby left for work. My days of sneaking in a peaceful stitch or two while the baby slept have long since departed.

9 thoughts on “Will the real little Elsa please stand up

  1. Rachel

    You're so fresh faced! I look awful first thing in the morning – huge bags under my eyes and all 🙂
    Your latest Elsa dress is fantastic – I am just about to make my daughter and niece one after much begging from them. I am unenthusiastic to say the least…. I also hear what you say about selling your sewing services. My friend (who is also my neighbour) asked me to make two boleros for her daughter and niece to wear to their grandmother's wedding. In polyester satin and bemsilk. She said she'd pay me to do it, but wanted me to do it because it would be cheaper than buying them. I asked her how much she had in mind to pay me, and she said $20. I looked at her and said that she could pay me the hourly rate that I am paid at work to do them. I wasn't being mean, but she annoyed me pretty badly by offering $20!!!!


  2. Debbie Iles

    Haha Rachel! I'm now considering doing all my photo shoots in the dim basement lighting….who knew the basement could be so flattering! Good on you for standing up to your neighbour! I once quoted a girl who contacted me to make a copy of an Elie Saab dress. I was pretty conservative at quoting around $1200 I think, but only because I knew she was after a $40 copy. Not on my watch! Most people just don't get what goes into sewing something. I'm constantly fending off suggestions that I should start a sewing business (and I'm getting A LOT of well meaning suggestions right now, having moved to the US recently where my 5 year uni qualifications are not recognised).


  3. lisa g.

    this dress came out darling! i'm sure the recipient will be very happy with it! i get the “oh you should start a business” suggestions all the time… well meaning, but just not worth the effort! i don't mind the occasional favor, but i'm always a little grudging about it if it takes more than a couple hours. oh, and your sewing pics are just adorable!!!


  4. Rosi

    I'd better watch the movie so I know who Elsa is! I can totally relate to your photos at the end. Except both my boys would be doing that and trying to stick their finger under the needle and stealing my pin cushion because pulling the pins in and out is their favourite thing ever.


  5. Debbie Iles

    Haha! I don't have pin thieves but my eldest likes to rearrange my pins according to colour and my middle girl pushes them down as far into the cushion as they can go which is annoying!



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