Tie dye jersey maxi dress: AKA the pyjama dress

Okay, so this isn’t strictly sleepwear, and I’d be lying if I said it was the most comfortable dress I owned. But it is seriously the second most comfortable dress I own. This is my most comfortable dress. But this tie dye maxi, I could actually sleep in it if I wanted to. It is made from the softest rayon jersey from MOOD. It is lightweight and beautifully drapey, but not at all see-through. It cost under $4 per yard, so I purchased several!

The design is a hack of my self-drafted Jaywalk dress. I just cropped the bodice to waist level and added a gathered skirt. I used clear elastic as a stay for the waist. This is a great trick for pulling the waist in on a fitted knit dress.

I’ve been getting A LOT of wear out of this dress. To be perfectly honest, I expected to get sick of tripping up stairs and end up chopping off the length with five wears. But it is such a light and comfortable dress to wear that I am even enjoying the length. And the colour is just delicious. It’s called sherbert. I want to eat it!

So this time round, it was Miss Two who scored on the scraps front. She was pretty excited about this dress because it is nearly identical to mine. We inevitably end up leaving the house in matching clothes now, because whenever I wear mine, she changes into hers. She is super cute though. Believe it or not, that happy smile hides a hideous gastro-bug that hit her like a truck only a few hours later. The smiles before the storm…

16 thoughts on “Tie dye jersey maxi dress: AKA the pyjama dress

  1. SewJillian

    This. Is. Purrrrrrty! So pretty! You look gorgeous as does your little one, gastro pending and all. Ick. Did you tie dye it yourself? The colours are perfect on you


  2. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Jillian. Nope, it came as is. It was a bit of an impulse purchase….I don't think I've ever been inspired to purchase tie dye before, so unlike me. But when it arrived I fell in love with it instantly. One of those nice mail surprises 😉


  3. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! I generally try to avoid matching but this little imp will go and change her outfit several times a day just to match whoever she can. All better now, and by some kind of miracle the gastro stopped at her!



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