Kids and silk: should you go there?

Y’all know how much I love silk, particularly crepe de chine. You know I use my silk scraps to make clothes for my girls, and I’m pretty sure at least a few of you think I’m slightly nuts for doing this, particularly when it’s white silk! But seriously, silk CDC makes the most delicious, little, swishy skirts.

As a part of my ongoing quest to create more silk addictions out there, I’m going to show you some evidence that it is indeed as hard as nails. I’ve said it before, they make parachutes out of this stuff, so surely it can withstand the rigours of preschool play.


Remember this skirt I made for Miss Four in February this year. The waistband is a quality viscose jersey and the gathered part of the skirt is silk CDC with a pure white background, both from Tessuti Fabrics. So let me do some calculations for you. Conservatively speaking, this skirt has been worn at least three times a week since the start of this year, and on the days when it isn’t on this child, Mummy Bear (yes I have a bear named after me) wears it. I wash it after each wear (by child, not bear) because my children are grubs. I throw it in with the light colours and use normal clothes wash and fabric softener. Because it is a ‘favourite’ in Miss Four’s wardrobe, I simply do not have the luxury to put it aside so that it can wait to share a wash with my delicates. I don’t usually put it in the dryer, but it has, in emergencies, been dried in this manner too.

So, after approximately 80 wears and washes (and this is no word of an exaggeration), this is how the beloved skirt is looking.

The knit waistband is looking a bit pilled and faded, but this isn’t a problem. The skirt is otherwise pristine. There are no stains, no discolouring, no tears, rubs, or pulls in the fabric. If I were to iron it, those creases would disappear and we would have perfectly smooth silk. But who irons kidswear? Certainly not me! Seriously, apart from the waistband, this skirt is indestructible. Mum breaths a sigh of relief.

7 thoughts on “Kids and silk: should you go there?

  1. Amanda

    Silk is such a winner! The times I haven't sorted my washing properly and things have gotten muddles it has always survived… Or maybe that is a jinx!? But most importantly, this is ridiculously cute!


  2. poppykettle

    Noice. As a fellow lover of silk, I was recently contemplating making a special dress for my 4yo god daughter in silk… but was wondering the exact same thing as your heading. Well this solved that dilemma! haha 🙂


  3. Debbie Iles

    Make it! CDC is so tough! I avoid silk/cotton mixes though – they are just too delicate to last. I just made a badminton skort and top for my 4yo in leftover blue butterfly CDC and it worked beautifully – the girls notice too when it is silk – swish factor is awesome!



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