Cropping the basic white pinny

So I’ve been loving my white linen pinafore so much that I thought I’d better sew another. This one is just as simple. I removed the side seam to keep the bodice piece as one, and then simply lobbed a big chunk off the length. I curved the hem slightly to a point so I could cross the ends over. Excuse my rough drawings but they should help you understand how I changed my first version. If you follow me on Instagram, I took a shot of the cropped pattern pieces on the cutting board too.

This top is quite structured and I like it that way. I used a medium-heavyweight cotton sateen from Mood and lined the entire top with the same fabric. It’s actually reversible because I measured the straps from my last top and stitched them into the seams this time. Then I turned it out the right way and slip stitched the last little bit shut. A single snap fastener holds the back in place. Super basic!


I do love my sunflower Esthers, but I’ve just realised that I’ve positioned half of a sunflower perfectly along the centre-back crotch. Maybe that’s why I’m looking so glum here.


12 thoughts on “Cropping the basic white pinny

  1. Amanda

    This looks like the perfect summer top- cool (literally and sartorially) and easy to dress up and down. You, my dear, are on a winning streak at the mo!



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