Two piece setacular in lotsa lotsa floral

You’ve seen these pants before. They are my Esther shorts hack. I love them with my Camilla cami, but I was inspired by Ada Spragg’s Two-Piece Set-Acular to put together another matchy matchy outfit. My first Chanel-inspired Two-Piece Set-Acular is here.

 Here, I’ve just noticed a squirrel nest up our tree.


The bustier is a little self-drafted number and a bit of a first-time experiment for me. I draped the pieces to fit my tiny, tiny bust. This worked great! I used boning for structure, some old foam bra cups with underwire within the lining for a bit of extra bust shape. I also encased rows of elastic in the back to keep the bustier tight enough to be secure. I miscalculated the effect of the back elastic though. I added extra width to the back to compensate for the elastic pulling it in. I should have just left the design as it was, removed a seam and pulled it in that way. As it turns out, the top fits perfectly, but it is not tight enough for me to feel comfortably secure for long durations. Or it could just be that I am not used to wearing strapless tops. I might add a couple of straps to bring me back into my comfort zone.

13 thoughts on “Two piece setacular in lotsa lotsa floral

  1. sewmanju

    P.s did my comment on your leather skirt not post? I wanted to find out how big your skin was that you bought to make it (or how many skins?) and what thickness you would suggest. I am obsessed with sewing something in leather!!


  2. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! So sorry, I must have missed your other comment. I used 1 cowhide side for my skirt. It was thicker than I would have liked though. Lambskin is much nicer and easier to sew with. I only chose the cowhide this time because I was obsessed with finding the right colour. I think 3 lambskins would be plenty for this skirt. If you pop on the Tandy website, the products I used have.the exact thickness and Sq feet in their description which escapes me right now. Hope this helps 🙂


  3. SewJillian

    It's so very set-acular. Wow your drafting is amazing, well done. PS I might have hit Birdsall Leather yesterday and my bespoke handbag may just be on it way to creation. Squee!



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