Last stop on the Two-Piece Set-Acular

And here it is, my last stop on the Two-Piece Set-Acular train.

It’s not that I don’t want to make any more, but I just don’t need any more two pieces. I’ve made a few this season already.

But what’s one more between friends?


This glorious maxi skirt was only intended as a separate. My plan was to wear it tran-seasonally, paired with my oversized wool jersey top and possibly some tights underneath.

The skirt is a simple, self-drafted number. It’s hard to make a mistake with something so simple, but I did forget to put in pockets. Side pockets would have made this skirt perfect. Of course, being floor length, my girls swooned at the sight of it. Miss Four put in her order for an identical copy. I had just enough left over to do this.

The little mischief is wearing her hand-me-down Liberty playsuit in these photos. She was perfectly mirroring all my poses behind the tripod so I said she could jump in and join me for the last few. Her one goal in life right now is to be inside the TV.


The top is a design you’ve seen before. It’s made up to the same pattern as my white version (here). I just skipped the peplum. I really love this little top. It’s so cool and comfortable, and just the right cropped length for me to feel comfortably covered. I can see myself wearing it a lot with jeans.

25 thoughts on “Last stop on the Two-Piece Set-Acular

  1. Sophie

    This is my favourite set of yours so far! And that's saying something because the others were all amazing. That skirt especially…swoon! Thanks so much for taking part x


  2. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Rachel. It is pure cotton from Mood. Lighter than quilting weight, and similar to voile in weight but not see through. It also has a lovely polish/sheen on the right side a little like cotton/silk sometimes has.


  3. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Heather…I'm on tenterhooks here knowing it is the last gasp of summer but having no idea when it actually ends. It's weird living somewhere new where you don't intuitively know what is happening with the seasons. Hubby is laughing at me as I start my winter sewing. Apparently there's another two months of swelter here before winter comes. Snow…now that will be a new thing for us!


  4. sallie oleta barbee

    These are great pieces Debbie!! I love them together, and separately – how economical!! I'm especially in love with the boho vibe of the maxi paired with the oversize jersey top. Might have to replicate that look!


  5. lisa g.

    it's been so fun seeing all your sets, but this one is probably my favorite! looks great with those jeans too, btw. love it! summer seems to stick around in KS until early october… though you get pretty chilly mornings long before the day time temps drop. KS weather is so fickle though!


  6. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Lisa! Yay for summer until October too. I think I'm over preparing myself mentally for winter here…we don't even get frosts in Sydney and the cold (if you can call 65 deg fahrenheight cold) lasts for three months, on the dot, if that. I lived in the UK for a couple of years and the long grey winters there nearly killed me….they skies there just seem so low and pale and summer never really heats up there like it does in Australia – I think it was the lack of heat more than anything that made me homesick in the UK. I feel pretty at home with the KS summer here, so I'm optimistic that no matter how cold the winter gets, I know that hot days will eventually reach us! And the kids…so excited for them to have a white snowy Christmas!


  7. Rosi

    Love this outfit! Must be the change in weather but I'm dreaming about sewing maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I was thinking of drafting my own skirt too. Are you skirt pieces rectangular or more A line?



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