Transeasonal Simplicity 1435 and a Swoon cardi

For the past few months (apart from multiple, transient costume changes each day) Miss Two has really only been wearing two dresses (here and here). Apparently they are both suitable for nightwear as well as daywear. Who am I to argue with a two year old? Day in, day out, night in, night out, we see her in the same clothes. I think it has a lot to do with comfort and a little to do with the fact that they are dresses she can slip on herself (and therefore slip off for her costume changes).
Hubby and I held a meeting. I was going to make those dresses disappear. Miss Two and I went shopping at Jo-Ann. She found some very pretty (polyester, ugh!) jersey and I found Simplicity 1435. I feel like I don’t sew Simplicity patterns very often so I was going to treat this as a wearable muslin. I’ve rarely been super impressed with the fit of kid’s clothes from the big pattern companies. But this could be because my older two girls are a lot longer and narrower than average.
Gnome killer

Miss Two (AKA Midget) is completely average in size (not temperament!). She is smack bang on the 50th centile for everything, despite being dwarfed by her giant sisters. Not surprisingly, this little dress pattern fits her perfectly. The only change I made was to lengthen the sleeves for Autumn and shave a bit of the sleeve cap. I also left the hem unfinished. I love the unfitted, drop waist look and it is clearly very comfortable. The dress has thankfully become her new favourite and the other pilled and shredded dresses have disappeared unnoticed.
Yes, she just murdered the gnome

I also made her a Swoon cardi to go with her new dress. A little while back, Lara from Thornberry blogged about a very pretty matchy make for her daughter. I loved the look of her Swoon cardi so I made sure I had enough fabric to make Miss Two one too.
I had my doubts when I was putting this pattern together. I was so tempted to redraw a few pieces to somehow turn the shawl collar into a self-facing edge but it all started to hurt my brain too much. I was having trouble seeing how it would come together in the end. But I ploughed on and did a quick hash job of serging the edges in non-matching thread because I truly didn’t think this cardi would turn out as well as it did.
Gnome found his way upright again, but not for long.

Got him

So now I’m going to step on his head, because that’s what you do to gnomes.
Miss Two put the cardi on straight away and has barely taken it off since. I even caught her wearing it scrunched up underneath a long sleeved top this morning. The fit is beautiful. The shape is pretty and the lightweight fabric worked very well for it. I will definitely give this pattern another go but with better fabric next time, and nicely hemmed edges too.
Sorry gnome. Let’s be friends again?

8 thoughts on “Transeasonal Simplicity 1435 and a Swoon cardi

  1. mary mahoo

    Love this look on “Midget”,,,,however, I think I'll call her “Moxie”! I have a good friend who reacts to gnomes like Moxie did. (I've been known to hide them in her yard when she's away.)


  2. Gail

    Oh that kid! What a hoot! I think it's hilarious that you and your hubby conspired to remove her beloved dresses from her! Thank goodness she has a pretty new outfit to replace them!


  3. Kristin at SunnySewing

    That poor Gnome! 🙂 Lovely new outfit for your little one. I must say that most of the big 4 tends to fit my daughter well too. She is also in the 50% for height and just a tad over for weight. But my skinny boy doesn't fit in them at all. So maybe they are drafted for the 50% kiddos? It is kind of nice to get a good fit right away! I have to look into that cardi pattern – too cute!
    (and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog tonight – I appreciate it)


  4. SewJillian

    Evil little bugger. Just kidding! But she is very cheeky – love the yawn in the first shot. You are making me feel guilty as I've had a remarkably similar pattern and fabric prepped for my Miss M… For months… And months. I need a kick in the butt. Super cute!


  5. sallie oleta barbee

    Ack!!! Too cute!!! I always have a soft spot for the little feisty ones (being a former little feisty one myself)!!! These matchy makes turned out great! Really great fit from the Big 4! And I'm glad that Miss Two is happy with it so the old dresses can 'disappear'!


  6. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Sallie! Have you heard of the blog-hop doing the rounds. I've just been nominated by Jillian of Sewunravelled and would like to nominate you as one of my two…if you haven't been nominated already and are happy to write a post? I can send you some more details if you are up for it! I just need your email or you can drop me a line (debbie.iles(at) 😉


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